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  1. So much bad news this week, but listen to for the good: Our democracy is tough, and it will endure.

  2. A Year in Pictures highlight: Volunteers directed a raft carrying migrants to land in Lesbos, Greece. For more:

  3. Ever wonder what the columnists give each other for the office Secret Santa?

  4. The Year in Pictures: In a year that confounded, shocked and humbled, there was also grace.

  5. Almost every veteran woman legislator has a story about the shortage of bathroom facilities, writes

  6. Transgender people in North Carolina will endure discrimination with little legal recourse

  7. American voters deserve as many details as possible about Russia’s role in the election

  8. .: Those harmed by a policy are more likely to vote on the issue than those helped

  9. For (and her brother Kevin), is giving a "special edition" of Family Feud

  10. The failure to repeal a N.C. law that targets gay and transgender people is a travesty

  11. Super Mario Run is not a family-friendly game — not one I will let my 6YO daughter play.

  12. The effects of parental deportation on the millions of children left behind

  13. Companies don’t want to invest or do business in N.C., a state that condones discrimination

  14. The Year in Pictures: In a year that confounded, shocked and humbled, there was also grace.

  15. 2016 in Pictures: Was there ever such an American election?

  16. It’s unconscionable that NC lawmakers would go out of their way to stigmatize trans people.

  17. It is a sad day when only those with means get a second chance

  18. What to call the "sharing economy"

  19. "I thank you for giving me back my equanimity, my dreams and my good nature"

  20. Paging and the ghost of Seamus. Check out 's Secret Santa present for

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