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  1. RUSH TRANSCRIPT -- Tonight's Talking Points Memo: "A Tale of Two Cities" --

  2. American Patriot Quiz - Quiz Yourself on 13th President Millard Fillmore

  3. Obamacare will soon be history. Will the GOP put forth a fair healthcare scenario for working Americans? The answer: I don't know. -BO'R

  4. Anti-Trump celebs more unhinged than ever

  5. RUSH TRANSCRIPT -- Tonight's Talking Points Memo: "Donald Trump's Inauguration" --

  6. Tonight on The Factor: Is there reverse McCarthyism going on with Trump's Inauguration? -

  7. News Quiz - Quiz Yourself on the Latest News

  8. The Factor is back! Our prediction: The Trump presidency will be under siege from day one by the left. He should be ready for that. -BO'R

  9. CBS notices Chicago's brutality, doesn't name mayor

  10. CNN's Don Lemon Gets His Ear Pierced on Live TV

  11. Sheriff Clarke blasts Obama for stirring white guilt

  12. Say goodbye to 2016! Join me, , & tonight as we ring in the new year on

  13. Ring in the New Year with and me.. From the heart of Times Square. The 🎶music, ♨dancing ,🍾celebration.

  14. Don't miss tonight's coverage! I'm live from Times Square with at 8pm ET…

  15. Join Fox News Channel on New Year's Eve as we ring in 2017 from Times Square in New York City! Live coverage begins at 8p ET.

  16. The Worst of The View in '16

  17. Tonight on The Factor: Is Obama actively undermining Trump's impending presidency? --

  18. Top Story Quiz: Passing of Entertainment Icons

  19. Trump supporter destroys MSNBC host

  20. Incoming White House Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus joins The Factor tonight to react to Obama's sanctions on...

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