Sherry Wren


General surgeon, interested in global health, robotics, GI cancer, health policy.

Stanford University
Joined July 2014


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    4 hours ago

    What did YOU do this weekend? meeting to make your annual meeting even better, more fun, and more affordable than ever. #

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  3. 14 hours ago
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    Sep 8

    Congrats to recently elected to Executive Committee of the Board of Governors as the Education Pillar Lead

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    Sep 7

    Happy Women in Medicine Day to the amazing female physicians of 's Dept. of !

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    Sep 7
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    Sep 7

    Happy Women in Medicine Day to Hepatobiliary Surgeon Dr Monica Dua and her OR team! These ladies were definitely !

  8. Sep 7
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    Sep 4

    93%. 93% success rate in surgery preventing amputation learned from IGOT’s SMART Course.

  10. Sep 5

    So proud, you can pass it on now to your students. Keep going

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    Triple Threat: New Pneumonia Is Drug-Resistant, Deadly And Contagious

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    Aug 31

    Reducing the number of deaths due to injuries in to mortality rates in would save over 2 million lives per year.

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    Aug 31

    Engineering = backbone of surgical care. W/o reliable electricity, H2O and roads, safe surgery is nearly impossible.

  14. Aug 31

    Great contribution to saving lives in LMICs

  15. Aug 26
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    Aug 24

    When I was bleeding to death in my Black Hawk, I didn’t care if the troops saving me were gay, straight, transgender, black, white or brown

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    Aug 25

    Editing a manuscript is like for Necrotizing Fasciitis: "Be Bold, Be Bloody, be Resolute". (Yes, it's Shakespeare) (Macbeth)

  18. Aug 25

    Love the creativity! Turd Reich: San Francisco dog owners lay minefield of poo for rightwing rally

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    Aug 23

    Our article on pregnant surgeons published in today, delighted it looks great in print!

  20. Aug 25

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