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Cofounder . Executive Director . Chairman . Master in the secret art of chairenting; parenting from the comfort of chairs.

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    Aug 23
  2. 2 hours ago
  3. Sep 9

    Turkey's Erdogan fired his brand new SWFs brand new boss because "desired goals and progress were not achieved".

  4. Sep 9

    The Korea Investment Corporation is losing another CEO. Fifth this decade?

  5. Sep 9

    3 portraits to remind this CIO of 3 all important risks: Personal, Geopolitical and WTF. Guess who embodies WTF...

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    Sep 8

    Just added it to the syllabus for my Thinking About War class at Stanford, . Thank you,

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    Sep 9

    With , I've earned more interest on savings in 1 month than I ever have w/ Wells Fargo. Use code: MLK6EWJ

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    Sep 8

    Dear Pensions and Endowments: Do Unto Wall Street as We Do to Ourselves via

  9. Sep 8
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    Sep 7

    GPC's new book on Reframing Finance is now available. Read the full description here:

  11. Sep 7
  12. Sep 7

    Awesome article by Tracey Durning on how we _really_ got the Aligned Intermediary launched:

  13. Sep 7
  14. Sep 7

    Saudi's PIF, which has a mission to create local jobs, is launching a robot investment platform. Jobs for robots...

  15. Sep 7

    CIC: Tougher U.S. controls may slow our direct investments in U.S. companies. So. Stop it. USA: That's the point.

  16. Sep 7

    For Nigeria's , agriculture is the number one area of investment. But some healthcare JVs are coming.

  17. Sep 7
  18. Sep 7

    This year's keynote at the meeting is... Global Head of Client Business at Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

  19. Sep 7

    The currently has 33 member funds and is evolving to help them in more and more ways:

  20. Sep 7

    Ireland's Strategic Investment Fund will be giving a big boost to the country's Agtech industry:

  21. Sep 6

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