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Stanford's Health Improvement Program offers health promotion & solutions 2 create a 4 a sustainable life.

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    Mar 2

    LIFE is short. BREAK all the rules. FORGIVE quickly. 💋 slowly LOVE truly never REGRET anything that makes U SMILE! M Twain

  2. Aug 14

    Writing can help us cope w/negative feelings & think w/greater breadth & clarity - a great way 2 ensure happiness, health & satisfaction.

  3. Aug 4

    Great advice and great benefits from adding exercise to your day. Start by reading the tips. 😉

  4. Jul 31

    What Do We Really Want? A new study examines the battle between idealized attitudes and those we actually have.

  5. Jul 26

    for more information on this exciting new center.

  6. Jul 26

    The Center for Definitive & Curative Medicine is going to be a major force in the precision health revolution - Lloyd Minor, MD

  7. Jul 17
  8. Jul 17
  9. Jul 7

    The algorithm may be part of a wearable device at-risk people keep on 2 alert potentially deadly heartbeat irregularities as they happen.

  10. Jul 7

    🌉Grt Concert Band 🎵 Go to the 🏖️, Take a🚶 ENJOY LIFE!

  11. Jul 7

    GORGEOUS ☀️weekend! Recharge yr 🧠& 💪 PA , Los Altos 🎨&🍷

  12. Jul 5

    Genetic tests help identify risk of 25 cancer-associated mutations. Allison Kurian MD

  13. Jun 23

    FYI: The Health Improvement Program is moving to 3300 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304 on June 27th.

  14. Jun 19

    CPR and AED Thurs, 7/20 1-5 pm Li Ka Shing Learning Center Sign up now!

  15. Jun 13

    What R U doing this summer? HIP class registration starts today at 9 am! Classes fill quickly. Sign up now.

  16. Jun 12

    FREE Fitness Week starts today! Try something new from & F45, Flow , Yoga Fusion.

  17. Jun 5
    Replying to

    researchers have developed a new way 2 identify these pathways. “We’re entering a new era of .”

  18. Jun 5

    Targeting backup biological pathways used by cancers leads 2 more efficient drug development & less-toxic therapies.

  19. May 9

    "Live 4 the day, Live 4 the hour, Live 4 the minute. Find the meaning in your life. Until you die, you are living." Thx .

  20. May 9

    5/11 ➕ chance 2 win a free 🚲, a walking gift certificate, a BeWell Berry, or a department breakfast.

  21. May 4

    Interesting. More charts by education, gender... Step it up older, college educated people out there. Start today at the cardinal walk!

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