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    Sep 6

    Everything on our site—books on history, philosophy, economics, and more—is now 30% off!

  2. Sep 8

    Political advertising on Facebook is a black box and that needs to change says

  3. Sep 8

    In transnational families grandmothers oftentimes become mothers again for another generation of children

  4. Sep 8

    During WWII, Thessaloniki's Jewish community was devastated—only recently has the city begun to embrace its past

  5. Sep 8

    Bookworms, take 30% off all of our books, including those in and

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    Sep 4

    : Book Tour-ish, Fall 2017. Note the event in the city where I live is the one that isn't yet figured out

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    Sep 7

    My favorite new book, by my friend 📚, recently released by . An amazing, timely read.

  8. Sep 7

    .’s rise offers insight into what it takes to make it as a black woman in comedy, says

  9. Sep 7

    Tune in now for a Facebook Live chat with as she discusses strategies for advancing children's rights:

  10. Sep 7

    Lewis was one of the preeminent China specialists of his generation; we join those who mourn his passing

  11. Sep 6

    Our books are all 30% off through September, including our books in

  12. Sep 6

    When employers are surveyed, they say they value the very things that a liberal arts education emphasizes

  13. Retweeted
    Sep 6

    Join me tomorrow for a Facebook Live chat about successful campaigns for children and my new book:

  14. Sep 5

    Digital projects editor on her role and some of the hurdles of publishing in the :

  15. Sep 5

    "We stand today, I believe, in greater danger of a nuclear catastrophe than we faced during the Cold War"

  16. Sep 5

    By coming out of the shadows and organizing, asserted their "right to have rights"

  17. Retweeted
    Sep 1

    Rachel Wahl, author of Just Violence, stops by the booth to celebrate her book!

  18. Sep 3

    "We need to rethink contemporary populism"

  19. Sep 2

    Tomorrow at Rachel Wahl discusses the perspectives of law officers in India who perpetrate torture

  20. Sep 2

    Lakhdar Boumediene was wrongfully detained for 7 years in the US's most notorious and opaque military prison

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