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Professor of Medicine at Stanford and VA. Incoming editor. Research in how to improve delivery of healthcare for all. Views my own.

San Francisco Bay Area
Joined March 2014


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  1. 3 hours ago

    If you explain cost concerns to patients and advocates, they accept them more. Results from a RCT

  2. Retweeted
    Sep 7

    Latha Palaniappan is conducting 2 studies involving exercise for patients w/ Type 2 diabetes.

  3. Sep 6

    "I saw many cases where the wounded soldiers were saved by their buddies."Forward training helped decr injury fatality rate to 10% D Winslow

  4. Sep 6

    One of the most honorable men I know gives grand rounds on his time in Iraq -Vice Chair Dean Winslow

  5. Sep 3

    Sustaining is so much harder than starting! Need research on how to improve health ap stickiness.

  6. Aug 28

    Looking for a prestigious pilot grant to jumpstart your research? Apply for the Founder's Grant Award

  7. Aug 28

    For , it matters more where live than if they get care.

  8. Aug 25

    Equal opportunity virus. Gap in complications in men vs women narrowing. Outreach to women for Rx .

  9. Aug 25

    Ask the patients how sick they are & boost sensitivity of predicting hospitalizations >20% vs admin data

  10. Aug 23

    If you fix this you might break that. Tour de force on tradeoffs at grand rounds.

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    Aug 15

    American College of Physicians says hate crimes are public health issue

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    Aug 22

    Advance care planning tools among older Vets. , J Boscardin J, M Feuz et al.

  13. Aug 17

    Should our definition of health include a rejection of racial intolerance? Brook article & VA sec Shulkin remarks.

  14. Aug 16
  15. Aug 16

    demands alternative approaches to pain. New evidence reduces opioid use after surgery:

  16. Aug 12

    Move over, morphine. Alternatives for chronic pain control crucial to resolving & are on the horizon

  17. Aug 11

    Illness begets tragedy,but can spur creative writing. Kalanithi award details in link

  18. Aug 8
    Replying to

    great article

  19. Aug 8

    Appealing to better angels of pts' nature doesn't reduce demand for iffy care, & spurs devil of dissatisfaction.Sad!

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    Aug 2

    On machine learning in medicine, cites & Jonathan Chen, who suggest realistic expectations:

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