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All Systems Go: Ensuring Commencement Success

August 4, 2013

Stanford's 122nd Commencement in June launched more than 3,300 graduates into the world, ready to make their mark and make a difference.

While students prepared for the Wacky Walk, they were likely unaware of the frenzied work going on behind the scenes to make it happen.

The weeks leading up to commencement are an intense period of feverish activity for the entire university as faculty and administrators rush to process final grades and transcripts.

This work puts a significant load on the university’s information systems, and during this period AS works around-the-clock to keep these systems humming.

Staff from several practice areas within AS provide extended on-call coverage, with employees standing by evenings and weekends to address any potential system issues or questions. Daily standup meetings and hourly email check-ins with key business office stakeholders ensure consistent awareness of current systems status.

These efforts, combined with standard operating procedures, ensure a stable computing environment to support a smooth Commencement (and a happy Wacky Walk).

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