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Blue Jeans Browser Plugin Update Required On and After March 8

March 4, 2016

As of March 8, if you use Blue Jeans with a browser, you are required to update the browser plugin if you are using version or below. This requirement is due to a new browser security certificate that Blue Jeans is deploying.

Updating the plugin is quick and intuitive. When joining a meeting in a browser* (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari), and you're using plugin version or below, you will receive automated prompts to update your version. 

To see the Blue Jeans plugin version you are using, check your browser preferences or settings. 

Note to system administrators:  If you deployed the browser plugin to multiple users using the MSI file, they are not affected.  Those using plugin versions above, are also not affected.

If you have any questions, please contact Blue Jeans Support at

*Chrome is exempt from this update as it does not use a plugin for Blue Jeans.