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Net-to-Switch Rates

Net-to-Switch program charges are calculated at a flat rate, per switch, per month. Fees are billed to the department on a monthly basis, and will appear on the monthly statement from University IT. Current charges are:

Building switches

Service Monthly
8 Port 1Gb w/10G uplink $69
24 Port 1Gb w/10G uplink $162
48 Port 1Gb w/10G uplink $247

Data center switches


Service Monthly
24 Port 10GbE Distro switch​ $263
48 Port 10GbE Distro switch​ $395


Service Monthly
32 Port 10GbE Data Center Edge $218
48 Port 10G Distribution switch​ $460


Service Monthly
48 Port 10G Science Distribution switch $255
Last modified December 10, 2015