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On-Call Services Rates

On-Call Services are charged at a standard rate of $99 per hour. Below are some estimates for common services provided by On-Call Services at your site.

Services At Client Site
Diagnosis (fee waived if we do repair) ~1 hour
Desktop Troubleshooting and Repair ~1 hour
New Hire Onboarding and Computer Set up ~3 hours
New Computer Setup — Connect to Network, Install ESS** and Client Software ~2 hours
OS Installation, Basic (OS only, no apps or data migration) ~2 hours
OS Installation, Full (OS, apps and data migration) ~4 hours
Data Migration ~2 hours
Virus/Spyware Removal ~2 hours
Data Backup ~2 hours
Hardware Installation and Configuration ~1 hour
PDA Setup and Configuration ~1 hour
Network Hardware Installation and Configuration (Client Site Only) ~1 hour
Configure Network Access ~1 hour
Last modified October 5, 2015