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Email Tools

The Zimbra service was retired on December 31, 2015.

Getting started

A free @Stanford email account is one of the benefits of a regular full service SUNetID. You can access your email account via the web or use a Stanford-supported email program and configure it to work with Stanford's email system.

Choosing and setting up an email program

Stanford supports a variety of email programs for Windows and Macintosh, as well as a full-featured web-based alternative.

Doing more

Use the StanfordYou web page to change account settings, reset your password, and maintain directory and emergency contact information.The links listed below all go to StanfordYou. Note: students use to enter or change contact information.

Important things to know

Learn about anti-virus and anti-spam measures built into Stanford's mail system; email quotas and how and where to store your email; email after you leave Stanford; how to restore lost email; and how to send and receive secure email.

Using mailing lists

Mailing lists are an everyday part of Stanford email life, and you can start your own. Instructors use class email lists so they can more easily send announcements to everyone associated with their course.

Accessing your @Stanford email while away

Checking your email from off-campus? Use any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser to get access to Stanford Email.

Advanced information for Stanford email service providers

For system administrators. Learn more and exchange tips and tricks with other email sys admins.

Last modified October 8, 2015