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Remedy 8.1 Bug Fixes and Enhancements

NOTE: We make every attempt to work Bug Fixes prior to Enhancement Requests in order of priority. Resource availability with the required skill set to complete the task could impact the order in which development is completed.

Priority: 1 = High, 2 = Medium, 3 = Low, 4 = Don't do

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Priority Description Status
10.20.2014 2 Assigned group issue. Results on advanced search bar differ from those using the Open

Recently Completed Development

Description Date Completed
3.28.2014 The Refresh Button is disabled on the IT Home Page. 8.7.2014
3.28.2014 Users intermittently receiving error (ARERR 333) when they change the Customer Information and Save. 7.26.2014
4.23.2014 Fixed a bug where task assignment notifications weren't going out if the group used the default notif behavior (e.g. didn't have an alternate email address defined) 5.31.2014
3.23.2014 Update the CM email integration to allow multiple individual approvers. 5.31.2014
4.11.2014 Copy Change functionality to include our custom fields (Backout Plan, Install Plan, Impact Analysis, Tested, Affected Configuration Items) 5.25.2014
4.1.2014 Customer Information button on the Email Dialog sometimes wasn't displaying information 5.18.2014
4.1.2014 Create a Save button at the top of the screen to eliminate the need to scroll to the bottom of the page. 5.18.2014
3.24.2014 Fixed the issue where The Incident Description tool tip hover was causing users that view this tool tip to have to Save the Incident before browsing elsewhere. Change flag is now disabled on that field so it doesn't prompt users to save anymore 5.11.2014
3.24.2014 Rejected Changes are showing in the Overview Console. 5.08.2014
4.1.2014 Relabeled  BMC's 'Incident Type' column to 'Service Type' 5.08.2014

Added new fields to the Incident Management Console: 'Incident Type', 'Department', 'Customer First Name', 'Last Modified Date'


Relabeled the 'Submit Date' field on the Incidents Archive form to 'Archive Date'

4.07.2014 Added Visibility Group and Sensitive Data fields to the list of fields being Audited on Incident 5.01.2014
4.04.2014 Added 'Assigned Support Organization' to the Additional Search tab so that users can query by Assigned group support organization in SEARCH mode 5.01.2014
4.04.2014 When a Contact is specified, upon open of an existing ticket the focus should be set to the Contact information. 5.01.2014
4.01.2014 Assigned Group menus on Task form are cascading style menus forcing users to re-select Organization even though the Organization field already has a value 5.01.2014
4.03.2014 Modified workflow to notify change managers to close their changes requests one day after the scheduled date has passed 4.28.2014
3.29.2014 Modify Quick Action > "Customer's Incidents" link show all related Incidents that are in any Status other than Cancelled, provided there is a SUNet ID value and SUNet ID != "NO_SUNETID" 4.24.2014
3.28.2014 Modify server configuration so that all warnings, notes and errors are Pop up messages displayed more prominently on the screen (instead of at the top of the screen in the prompt bar) 4.24.2014
3.28.2014 Desk Location wasn't populating during the LDAP lookup workflow. 4.19.2014
4.03.2014 Users reporting that some outbound customer resolution notification messages aren't being received 4.16.2014
3.30.2014 Some tickets are not displaying in the Overview Console. 4.10.2014
3.30.2014 R&DE Portal experiencing Auto Assignment issues due to a bug in the Pre-Assigned Group code. 4.07.2014
4.03.2014 Task Status update notifications were sometimes going out to assignees/assigned groups of Incidents not related to those Tasks 4.07.2014
3.24.2014 Users are reporting a Firefox (25+) Black Bar display issue on Mac. 4.06.2014
3.24.2014 Report Results are being limited to 2000 records. 4.06.2014
3.24.2014 Web and Canned Reports are not currently installed as they are not functioning properly however AR System ad hoc reports do function and can be used as a workaround. 4.06.2014
3.31.2014 Email addresses are not always displaying correctly in Remedy tickets. 4.04.2014
3.28.2014 "Unassigned To My Groups" shows Tasks that have already been assigned to an Individual in my group. 4.03.2014
3.28.2014 The Customer's Incidents Quick Action should display only for valid SUNet IDs. 4.03.2014
3.25.2014 Behavior in Task Management changed from v.7 to v8.1 3.30.2014
3.25.2014 Change outgoing notifications are getting stuck in the AR System Email Messages form in an Error status 3.26.2014
3.24.2014 Creating Tasks produces error (ARERR 333) 3.25.2014
3.24.2014 Users report seeing erroneous tickets in their display. 3.25.2014
3.25.2014 When sending out emails the customer's address was not always populating in the UI. 3.25.2014
3.24.2014 Relay errors with some emails caused bouncing. 3.25.2014
3.24.2014 Tasks are not displaying in the Overview Console. 3.25.2014
3.24.2014 The out of box "Assigned to my Selected Groups" filter does not appear to be working correctly. 3.24.2014
Last modified October 30, 2014