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Nolij Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended scanners to use with Nolij?

Nolij works with most types of scanning hardware, including those that scan at five pages per minute (ppm); 20 ppm; 40 ppm, single-sided documents; and 60 ppm, double-sided documents. The number and type of scanners you need depend on the volume of images you will be scanning. The recommended resolution for scanning is 200 dpi in black and white.

How do I sign in to Nolij?

If you were granted access to Nolij, point your browser to and use your SUNet ID and password to login.

What are the user roles in Nolij?

Your user role determines the features you can access and the tasks that can be performed.

Where can I find the Nolij user guide?

After you log in to Noliweb, click on the NOLIJ tab. From the drop-down menu, click Open User Guide.

Last modified November 18, 2015