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OpenAFS at Stanford

University IT packages OpenAFS client software for both Windows and Mac OS X. This software provides an alternative to SFTP clients like SecureFX  and Fetch for people who frequently access files in AFS space.

The client software is not something that University IT develops: OpenAFS is an actively developed open source project that produces frequent updates to the client and server software. University IT evaluates new updates and produces installers to configure the client for use with the Stanford AFS infrastructure and to provide a simple GUI application to allow you to easily mount AFS directories.

The OpenAFS clients distributed through this site have been tested by University IT and found to generally work on the same systems that are used to test the Essential Stanford Software (ESS) applications. However, users have traditionally encountered more issues with this software than with the ESS offerings. Where possible, University IT will report problems that are found to the OpenAFS developers in order to help improve future versions of the clients.

If you need to occasionally update a personal or department web page, you will likely be better off using WebAFS, the web-based interface to AFS, or an SFTP client like SecureFX (for Windows) and Fetch (for Mac OS X).


  • Lets you directly access and edit files stored in AFS, as opposed to copying the file to a local drive, editing it and then copying it back to the server.
  • Can be kept updated automatically via Stanford Desktop Tools.

Getting Started

To obtain the OpenAFS client software and learn more about OS-specific issues please see the following pages:

Last modified January 7, 2016