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Telephone Service for Students

University IT also provides traditional and internet Cable TV on campus. See the Related Services links at the bottom of this page.

Basic service

Stanford provides basic phone service and a network connection with multiple IP addresses in every on-campus residence. Basic telephone service includes call waiting, unlimited local calling, and free domestic long distance. Most single rooms have phones; quads share one phone, usually located in the common area. To learn your telephone number, dial 7-CALL (7-2255) from the phone provided.

All residents in Stanford student housing are assessed a Communications Fee on the quarterly University bill. Basic phone service and network service are included in this fee. For more information about the Communications Fee, visit Residential Computing's FAQ page. Note: Collect calls cannot be received; they are blocked outside Stanford by the local provider.

Leaving or moving

Disconnect NOT required for phone service. Stanford provides each on-campus residence with a basic telephone, and there's no need to worry about disconnecting this basic service.

Phone numbers don’t move. In Stanford student residences, telephone numbers are linked to room numbers. University IT cannot move your basic service phone number when you move.

Getting started

When you arrive. The basic phone line with call waiting, as well as the in-room network connections will be active when you arrive. The only thing you'll need to do is to register your computer online by going to To determine your telephone number, dial 7-CALL from the residence phone.

Note: You are responsible for customizing your own Stanford operator information listing via AXESS.

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Last modified December 9, 2015