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Request Tracking (HelpSU/Remedy)

The University provides a centralized (and centrally-funded) request-tracking system available to interested support groups. Publicly known as HelpSU, web portals are provided for the campus community to submit requests. Behind the scenes, requests are assigned to designated support groups based on routing criteria for handling and resolution.

As of September 2014, there are 542 support groups using the system (from three members to 25) and 1798 individuals have logins to the system as “Assignees” (request resolvers). The HelpSU system (and the BMC Remedy IT Service Management application which powers it) currently processes approximately 25,000 requests each month.


The application provides the full range of request-tracking features:

  • All web-based, for both submitter and “resolver”
  • Mobile-enabled for resolvers (Mobile HelpSU )
  • All requests are entered into a searchable database
  • Each request can be classified (three tiers) for trend identification
  • Ability to send and receive email from within the application, including attachments.
  • All notes and email exchanged are time-stamped logged within each request
  • Full “customer satisfaction survey” capability built in
  • Ability to create “templates” for canned answers when responding to customers
  • Ability for “Secure Data Groups” (those whose transactions may include High Risk Data) to employ Row-Level-Security (so only members of those groups can see their requests)
  • Ability to create Service Level Agreements with specific Response and Resolution times targets, and reminding triggers
  • Custom portal creation is possible (additional time-and-materials charges apply for this custom development)
  • Full reporting capabilities on any aspect of the ticket (by group, by assignee, by time, to classification, etc.)

Getting started

To get started with HelpSU and Remedy, please contact Chris Lundin, the business owner of this service.

Last modified January 7, 2016