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Internet Services for Olmsted Terrace, Stanford West, and Welch Road Apartments

University IT cable modem service gives you access to the Internet at speeds up to 40 Mpbs ↓ and 25 Mpbs ↑. The cable modem service does not provide direct network access to Stanford resources, though faculty, staff, and students with a Stanford account (SUNet ID and password) have access to Stanford-licensed materials via web-based authentication or through the use of the Campus VPN service.

Faculty and staff can sponsor a "base-level" SUNet ID for someone who is not directly affiliated with Stanford. There is no charge for this, however, a policy governs these sponsorships: A sponsored SUNet ID is available to anyone who is not part of the internal Stanford community (students, faculty, staff) as long as this person will be using these computing resources in support of legitimate University work. See the Sponsorship web page for more information.

Standard service: always-on connection

Service can be turned on within three to five business days after move-in. You must contact us 5-HELP (650-725-4357) to let us know which jacks you want activated. Note: This service does not include an email account.

Email options

If you are not eligible for a Stanford-provided email account (available to faculty, staff, and students) and you need an email account for personal use, you can arrange for email from one of many vendors providing Internet-accessible email services. Popular choices include yahoo, hotmail, msn, and gmail. Keep in mind that Stanford does not support these email accounts. You must get instructions for setting up your computer to access these accounts from your vendor.


If you wish to install a wireless ethernet base station (such as the Apple Airport, etc.), please see Stanford Answers regarding issues of privacy, security, configuration, and compatibility.

Network use policies

All Stanford University computer and network usage policies apply to subscribers of Stanford West internet services. Details of the policies are available at

Last modified February 12, 2016