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Voicemail Notification Options

To receive notification...

Message Waiting Notification (whether by page, phone, or email) is triggered only when a message is saved on the voicemail server. If you forward your voicemails to email, you must keep a copy on the server in order to receive notification of messages.

Stanford University and School of Medicine

The Stanford Voice Messaging system can send a message to your primary or alternate phone (such as your cell phone), numeric or text pager, and/or your email account to notify you of new voicemail or fax messages in your voice mailbox. The system sends the notification based on the schedules and options that you set up.

You can specify:

  • The times when you want to be notified of the new message arrival based on day of week and time of day (all times are based on your own time zone)
  • Different notification times for urgent and normal messages
  • Different schedules for phone, pager, or email notification

You can enable or disable these notification options, as well as specify or change the notification phone numbers or email addresses.

Note: If you are unable to set up your pager through the portal, you can request HelpSU staff to set up your pager for you. Just give them your pager number and dial string, if applicable. To request pager setup, submit a HelpSU request or call 5-HELP (650-725-4357).

Configure notification options

Key Tip

Turn on notification by phone:

  • 4
  • 7
  • 1


  1. Connect to your mailbox. (Remind me how)
    The system responds with the status of any messages in the mailbox and prompts you with the Main Menu selections.
  2. Press 4, Change personal options.
    The system prompts you with the Personal Options Menu selections.
  3. Press 7, Manage Notification.
  4. Press:
    • 1 to turn on notification by phone
    • 2 to turn on notification by numeric page
    • 3 to turn on notification by text page
  5. At the prompt, enter your phone or pager number.
  6. Follow the context-specific prompts to set up notification preferences for normal or urgent messages.
  7. Follow the context-specific prompts to set up schedules for normal and/or urgent messages.
    In general, you can choose:
    • to be notified 24x7
    • to be notified during working hours
    • to enter a notification schedule

Change/enter notification schedule

Depending on which notification device you choose, follow the context-specific menu for entering a notification schedule. In general, you will be prompted to enter start times and end times in hhmm format for each day of the week (or press a number to repeat a previously set-up day's schedule).

Last modified July 5, 2012