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Forward Voicemail to Email

When you're reviewing email, you may want to plug in your headphones to make sure the email .wav file messages are not broadcast.

Stanford University and School of Medicine

The Stanford Voice Mail system gives you the option to listen to your messages through the phone, web, or email. Some other things to note about forwarding voicemail to email are:

  • You receive messages in your primary email box.
  • You may view messages in Webmail.
  • The message waiting light on your phone does not reflect when messages have been played in email.
  • Messages are stored with your primary email account and count against your email quota.
  • Messages kept as a copy on the phone must be deleted from the phone AND your email to be removed.
  • Messages kept as a copy in the voice mailbox and listened to on the phone are not marked as read in email (text displays in bold).
  • You can forward messages.

Follow the steps below to forward messages to your email.

Note: This option is controlled only from the portal.

  1. Log in to the web portal at (Remind me how)
  2. Click Options.
    The User Preferences screen opens.
    User preferences
  3. Click Forward to Email.
    The View User Parameters screen opens.
  4. Click Edit.
    The Edit User Parameters screen opens.

    Forward essages to email edit screen
  5. Select the Forward All Mails Enabled checkbox.
  6. Decide whether to check the Keep a Copy box.
    Messages on your phone or the web portal are not linked to the forwarded copy you receive through email.
    • If you keep a copy, you must delete messages from your web portal or phone and from your email. Messages are not deleted automatically. You have a 100-message limit, so be sure to go to the portal and delete old messages.
    • If you don't keep a copy, you will not be able to retrieve messages by phone or the web.  Messages are sent to your email only.
    • If you want to receive Message Waiting Notification (by page, phone, or email), you must keep a copy of your messages on the server.
  7. Clear the Do not Forward Automatic Message check box. Clearing this box ensures that if your mailbox contents reach 80% of the 100-message quota, the system will send you a notification message. When you get this message, you will need to delete some messages. If your mailbox reaches 100% of its message quota, it will not accept new messages. Leave this box selected if you do not want to receive system-generated messages such as quota alerts.
  8. In the Forward to Email Addresses box, enter the email address(es) where you want to receive your voicemail. If using multiple addresses, separate them by a comma.
  9. Click Update to save, or Cancel to return to the previous screen without saving.

Note: Voice messages sent to your email will arrive as a .wav file. Click the file to start playback. We recommend using Windows Media Player or QuickTime to listen to your messages. (Here are instructions for setting them up as your default player.) Do not use iTunes to listen to your messages. (Why?)

Last modified December 9, 2015