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Manage Voicemail Contacts and Personal Distribution Lists Online

Stanford University and School of Medicine

Personal contact lists and distribution lists can save you time if you regularly send messages to the same individuals or groups.


To create or manage contacts through the online portal:

  1. Log in to the web portal, (Remind me how)
    The Welcome (Voice Messaging) screen opens.

    Welcome screen
  2. Click Contacts.
    The Contact and Distribution List screen opens.

    Contact and Distribution List screen
  3. To add a contact, click Add Contact.
    The Add Contact screen opens.

    Add Contact screen
  4. Fill in the fields for the information you want associated with your contact.
    Note: The First Name and Last Name fields are mandatory.
  5. Click Save.

Distribution lists

From this screen, you can also create or manage distribution lists:

  1. To add a distribution list, click Add Distribution List.
  2. To view your distribution lists, click the first letter of its name from the alphabetical list, or enter its name in the Search field and click Search.
Last modified January 4, 2016