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Set Voicemail Message Waiting Notification (MWN)

To receive notification

Message Waiting Notification (whether by page, phone, or email) is triggered only when a message is saved on the voicemail server. If you forward your voicemails to email, you must elect to keep a copy on the server in order to receive notification of messages.

Stanford University and School of Medicine

Note: This option is controlled only from the online voicemail portal.

You can receive Message Waiting Notification through email, numeric page, and/or phone call. To set up MWN for your numeric pager, see Set Up Numeric Paging.

To set up MWN:

  1. Log in to the web portal at (Remind me how)
  2. Click Options.
    The User Preferences page opens.

    User preferences

  3. Click Voice Mail.
    You are presented with Voice mail settings links.
    Note: For information on the Settings link, see Message Preferences.

    Voicemail settings

  4. Click one of the MWN options:
    • MWN by Email — This option sends a message to your email box. Note that email is the only viable way to send MWN to multiple users of a voice mailbox.
    • MWN by Numeric Page — See Set Up Numeric Paging for information on receiving MWN on your pager.
    • MWN by Phone Call — With this option enabled, you can enter an alternate phone number at which you can receive a phone call when you have a message waiting.
  5. Click Edit.
    click Edit
  6. Click Select All.
    Note: Your changes will not be saved unless the Select All check box is selected.
    click Select All
  7. Set your preferences, including notification for all messages or urgent messages, desired contact number or email address, and the notification schedule.
  8. Click Update. Remember, your settings will not take effect unless you selected the Select All check box in step 6.
Last modified December 9, 2015