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WordPress at Stanford

WordPress is an open-source web publishing platform. Originally built for blogging, WordPress has evolved into a multi-purpose CMS (content management system) used by companies and individuals alike to publish all kinds of websites.

At Stanford, WordPress has been the tool of choice for blogs and special-topic or news oriented websites. Many of Stanford’s WordPress sites are listed at


WordPress is popular with many users and site owners because of its

  • ready-to-go chronological blog structure and navigation,
  • option to install a free or low-cost (non-Stanford) theme,
  • easy editing of posts or pages, and
  • easy sharing/linking of content via feeds and social media.


While WordPress is an option for general web publishing at Stanford, there may be better options depending on your needs. For example:

  • Stanford Sites provides quicker, easier ways to create and manage a department website — especially if the site will have a complex structure or multi-layered navigation.
  • The Google Sites component of Google Apps for Stanford is a good choice if your users and editors will want to do lots of real-time collaboration on pages or uploaded files.

Before choosing which tool to use, please review the important considerations at Compare WordPress and Drupal (Stanford Sites).

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Last modified January 8, 2016