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SecureCRT uses a secure connection protocol (Secure Shell SSH version 2) to provide logon and session encryption for UNIX account access. This includes access to your Stanford UNIX account for reading email, running UNIX applications, publishing personal web pages and sharing files.


  • 7.3.4

System requirements

  •  Windows 7 and later


  • Faculty, staff, and students


  • To tell if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows,
    • Windows 8 & 10: right-click Start and then click System.
    • Windows 7: click the Start button, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.
    The system type is listed in the System section.
  • The installer file installs both SecureCRT and SecureFX.
  • SecureCRT and SecureFX share session settings, so configuring a connection to a particular server only needs to be done once in order to be available to both programs.
  • University IT recommends using SecureCRT to connect to the Stanford shared computing environment and departmental UNIX-type workstations.
  • SecureCRT is subject to export control. This software may not be downloaded or otherwise exported or re-exported to any country subject to U.S. trade sanctions governing the software.