Choosing Courses

About Choosing Courses
We hope these resources will help you develop a personally coherent, meaningful education from Stanford's diverse course offerings.
Choosing Courses
Things to consider when choosing courses.
How and when to look for classes.
Resources for finding courses.
The Stanford General Education Requirements (GERs) are one mechanism for ensuring that students do increase their knowledge across a breadth of disciplines.
Since all first-year students take one quarter of Thinking Matters during their freshman year, it is important that you think carefully about your choice of courses.
All students must take PWR 1 in their first year. They must take PWR 2 (or another course certified to fulfill the second-level requirement) by the end of sophomore year. Learn more about how to make the right selection for you.
Stanford requires that all students have at least the equivalent of one year’s proficiency in a second language to graduate, but most students do more than the basic requirement, particularly those who do overseas study with a BOSP program.
Whether you have already declared a major or are exploring various possibilities, it is important to refer to the Stanford Bulletin and read carefully the information about the major to make sure that you are progressing through your coursework in a timely, organized fashion.
Advanced courses provide students a window into what advanced practitioners in a field might actually do. Learn more about choosing these courses.
Beyond meeting the PWR and Thinking Matters requirements, consider courses in Oral Communication to develop your public speaking skills and strengthen the foundation of your liberal education.
Learn more about enrolling in your courses.