Choosing Language Courses


Stanford requires that all students have at least the equivalent of one year’s proficiency in a second language to graduate, but most students do more than the basic requirement, particularly those who do overseas study with a BOSP program.

  • You may choose to start a new language, in which case you want to look carefully at ExploreCourses to decide the timing. Some languages, such as Chinese, can only be started in the fall; while you can begin Spanish in any quarter. A few languages offer a two-quarter accelerated option to complete the first year.
  • If you are continuing a language, then you will need to take a placement test. Incoming freshmen will receive information about the placement test; advanced students should contact the Language Center about scheduling one.
  • The Language Center discusses the many ways to fulfill the Language Requirement. Many students satisfy it by AP, IB, or placement test credit.

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