Choosing PWR Sections

Choosing Your PWR Course

All students must take PWR 1 in their first year. They must take PWR 2 (or another course certified to fulfill the second-level requirement) by the end of sophomore year. PWR enrollment is centrally managed, and all logistical questions about PWR enrollment are answered on the PWR Courses Page. You will be assigned a quarter for PWR, and then asked to rank several choices of PWR classes. To find your preferred classes:

  1. Read the course descriptions carefully, looking for themes that interest you. Remember that your PWR research paper can be the groundwork for later projects, even senior Honors theses. You will find basic times and titles in ExploreCourses, but the PWR Catalog will give you a fuller syllabus, including a video presentation by the instructor.
  2. Find out which instructors’ interests and teaching style match with yours by reading their online profiles and talking to former PWR students.
  3. Contact PWR Undergraduate Advisory Board members to ask their advice about different courses.
  4. Check whether an Introductory Seminar that is certified to fulfill the WR 2 requirement is offered in an area that interests you. You could consider taking it instead of a PWR 2 course.

Note: PWR does not allow students to sit in on courses unless they are enrolled in that course, not even on the first day.

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