Choosing Thinking Matters Classes

Thinking Matters Course Selection

All first-year students take at least one quarter of Thinking Matters during their freshman year, giving students a solid foundation for undergraduate study by emphasizing skills in interpretation, reasoning, and analysis. You will be asked to submit several choices in order to receive a reserved space in a Thinking Matters course. To identify potential courses:

  1. Read through all of the course descriptions for THINK.  Pay attention to the major questions asked by each course, the kinds of topics and materials that will be covered, and the kind of work you will be asked to do. In the printed catalog, use the Index to identify specific fields of interest. Use Cardinal Compass to see how classes connect or intersect.
  2. Challenge yourself!  In narrowing your choices, ask yourself: “Am I drawn to studying what is already familiar or what is unknown to me?”  “How will I be examining my assumptions about living my life and understanding the world?” “Why is this topic important to me?”
  3. Share your proposed list of courses with others and ask for their thoughts.

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