Finding Courses

As you search for courses, do not limit yourself to just the upcoming quarter. By searching on keywords or faculty, or by browsing department listings, you may find the perfect course that you will want to take in an upcoming quarter or even the next year. Make a note of it.

There are many resources you can use to discover courses that interest you, including:

  • Academic Advisors. Consult with your Academic Advising Director, Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes, or other UAR Advisor about courses that may be well-matched to your interests or course of study.
  • Cardinal Compass. Designed especially for first year students, this online tool helps you take full advantage of the breadth of courses available through Stanford Introductory Studies.
  • ExploreCourses. Use the search and filter functions in ExploreCourses to find courses according to keyword, department, instructor, or type of class, such as IntroSems, GERs, or practicums.
  • Peers.  Peer advisors, available in many departments, can help you map out your major requirements and identify suitable classes.
  • Stanford Bookstore. Browsing the Stanford Bookstore textbook section shelves is a great way to discover what’s offered and what material seems particularly provocative or interesting to you.
  • Stanford Bulletin. The Stanford Bulletin provides a comprehensive list of course offerings by school, department, and program. It is also a useful resource for matching course interests with requirements for majors.
  • Stanford Syllabus Project. This search tool allows you to read course syllabi posted by faculty.