Planning for Departmental Honors

About Honors
Honors is a designation offered by academic departments to recognize outstanding independent student work that has met highest scholarly standards for the relevant discipline. It usually involves good grades, a sequence of upper-division coursework, and the completion of an honors project. Stanford offers variety of honors programs. Some are designed for majors and others allow students to work outside their major field.
Planning For Departmental Honors
Choosing a Faculty Honors Advisor and establishing a strong working relationship with her or him is essential to having a positive experience in an honors program. This page provides detailed advice.
There are many different ways to help you decide upon an honors thesis topic.
It's a good idea to investigate all the different types of honors programs even before you decide on your major. This page outlines a typical four-year plan for pursuing honors.
Search department and program pages within the Stanford Bulletin's Explore Degrees site for information about specific honors programs.
The requirements for the interdisciplinary honors programs are described in the department sections of the Stanford Bulletin's Explore Degrees site. These are designed to complement study in a department major.
Pursuing Honors as an undergraduate offers many academic and personal benefits. However, you can take advantage of a variety of opportunities to involve yourself in research outside of an Honors program.