Typical Four-Year Plan for Honors

It’s a good idea to investigate all the different types of honors programs even before you decide on your major. That way you’ll be aware of any requirements you may need in advance. However, you can plan for honors in your junior year as well. If you start to investigate in your senior year however, it’s usually too late.

Typical Four-Year Plan for Honors

Freshman or Sophomore Year

  • Undertake a significant research experience through a class, internship or other opportunity that interests or excites you.
  • As you consider declaring a major, investigate the requirements for honors in your field and related fields.
  • In addition, explore Interdisciplinary Majors programs that might allow you to engage in an honors project outside your major.
  • Apply for a Chappell-Lougee grant as a sophomore to start doing research in your field.

Junior Year

  • Find a Faculty Advisor, develop a research methodology and research plan.
  • Start honors work or research.
  • In Spring quarter, plan to take a seminar within your honors program.
  • Write a Major Grant proposal that will support you doing research on your topic over the summer between junior and senior years.
  • Apply for Bing Honors College.

Summer between Junior and Senior Year

  • Conduct honors work or research.
  • In September, participate in Bing Honors College during the three weeks before Fall Quarter starts.

Senior Year

  • Complete your research
  • Draft and write your honors thesis in close consultation with your Honors Advisor.