Meet Your AARC Advisors

UAR Academic Advisors for Student Athletes

Austin Lee

Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Advising and Development

Sports: Football

Alma Mater: Stanford University

College Sport: Football

Started at Stanford: 2009

Allison Vendt

Director of Academic Advising for Student-Athletes

Sports: Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving

Alma Mater: University of Notre Dame

College Sport: Swimming

Started at Stanford: 2012

Solomon Hughes

Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes

Sports: Men’s Basketball, Men's Crew, Men's and Women's Fencing, Men’s and Women’s Golf, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Men's and Women's Water Polo

Alma Mater: University of California, Berkeley

College Sport: Basketball

Started at Stanford: 2011

Melissa Schellberg

Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes

Sports: Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Sailing, Softball, Synchronized Swimming, Wrestling

Alma Mater: Harvard University

College Sport: Softball

Started at Stanford: 2013

Brian Woods

Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes

Sports: Lightweight Crew, Women's Crew, Field Hockey, Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country, Men's and Women's Tennis, and Women's Squash

Alma Mater: University of Pittsburgh

College Sport: Track & Field

Started at Stanford: 2015

Meredith Kalinowski

Academic Advising Assistant for Student-Athletes

Sports (freshmen): Men's and Women's Crew, Sailing, Men's and Women's Soccer, Softball, Synchronized Swimming, Men's and Women's Track and Field/Cross Country, and Men's Volleyball

Alma Mater: Stanford University

College Sport: Lacrosse

Started at Stanford: 2015