Advising For Upper-Division Students

Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) provides academic advising, programming, and support for students as they shape their Stanford education. In guiding students to engage with faculty and in supporting students’ personal and intellectual development, UAR encourages students to explore the full breadth and depth of their intellectual opportunities, to find their intellectual homes, and to discover a sense of belonging at Stanford.

Having navigated two years of the Stanford experience successfully, you are now ready to deepen your intellectual engagement with the University.  Your Major Department is your new academic home.  Cultivate relationships with people and resources there, while staying in touch with faculty and advisors from prior years.

As you continue your journey you may find yourself pulled in many different directions.  Before narrowing your path too quickly, give yourself time to explore new ideas and opportunities.  Along the way you will be preparing yourself well for post-Stanford life.

Departmental Advising

Once you declare a major, you will choose (or have assigned to you) an academic advisor in your chosen field.  Declared Majors may seek additional advising as well.

For more information about working with faculty advisors and mentors, see Engage with Faculty.

Honors Advising

If you pursue Honors, you will also work with an Honors Thesis Advisor who may or may not be your departmental academic advisor.

Faculty Research Advisors

Throughout your time as an undergraduate, you will have a variety of opportunities to be involved with research. In all cases, your research will be supervised by a faculty member. Students who apply for a Student Research grant through the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research will be required to have a faculty advisor. Students may have to seek out an advisor to request guidance.

UAR Academic Advisors

Professional advisors are centrally located in Sweet Hall and include specialists in preparation for the research, fellowships, health professions (for example, pre-medical advising), law school, and teaching. As with the Academic Advising Directors, these advisors provide information about all undergraduate requirements and considerations, including petitions, as well as the resources and opportunities that Stanford offers you. In addition to appointments, they hold drop-in hours every afternoon, when you can have any academic question or cencern addressed. You can make an appointment with a UAR Advisor by calling (650) 723-2426 or by coming to the first floor of Sweet Hall, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

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