Department Advisors

Once you declare a major by the end of your sophomore year, you will choose (or have assigned to you) an academic advisor in your chosen field.  It’s important to take the initiative and stop by during office hours so that you have an opportunity for the kind of conversations that are the foundation of your relationship with your faculty advisor.  Have realistic expectations about the advisor’s role; for example, don’t expect a faculty member to be able (or willing) to rate every course in the curriculum. Your advisor may question you about your short-term and long-term academic goals and can help you plan a strategy for taking the greatest possible advantage of your undergraduate education.  These conversations follow naturally once you’ve made the initial effort to talk to your advisor about your interests and aspirations.

Declared Majors may seek additional advising as well.  The UAR Advisors are centrally located in Sweet Hall and can offer specialized advice regarding research, fellowships, and pre-professional interests (e.g., pre-law, pre-health, pre-business).  As with the Academic Advising Directors, these advisors provide information about all undergraduate requirements and considerations, including petitions, as well as the resources and opportunities that Stanford offers you.