BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Interview at Y2E2

BEAM, Stanford Career Education provides you a network of communities that help you explore opportunities and make meaningful connections. The Frosh/Soph Career Community Team assists freshmen in discovering interests, summer opportunities, on-campus jobs, mentorship with employers and alumni, and research experiences with faculty. Transfer students are connected to either the Frosh/Soph team or another career community based on major. You can explore your interests through regular meetups (casual group discussions on career topics) in dining halls and residences, personal assessments, freshman-focused events, and more. The Frosh Open House, held in January, includes an opportunity fair specifically for freshmen with tailored resources to jump-start your career exploration.

Part-Time Employment

As a newly enrolled student, you have immediate access to the career center’s database of internships and jobs on campus. Many departments and offices hire students for on-campus employment. Begin by logging in to Handshake online. You will need to bring personal documentation with you if you anticipate working on campus.