Degree Options

For the administrative policies and procedures governing the declaration of majors and minors, consult the Stanford Bulletin or the Office of the University Registrar website.

Single Degrees

Stanford confers the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree on students who complete undergraduate degree requirements in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, in the School of Engineering, or in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics in the School of Humanities and Sciences. The University also awards B.S. degrees to students in the Program in Mathematical and Computational Science; in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society; and in the Program in Symbolic Systems. Candidates who fulfill major requirements in other schools or departments receive the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

To earn a B.S., B.A., or B.A.S. degree, you must complete a minimum of 180 units of allowable University work that includes the General Education requirements and the curricular requirements for at least one undergraduate major. At least 135 units must be earned at Stanford for students admitted as freshmen. At least 90 units must be earned at Stanford by transfer students. You may apply a maximum of 8 units in activity courses and a maximum of 36 units (or 27 units for transfers) taken for credit/no credit or satisfactory/no credit (including activity units) toward the 180 units needed for graduation. 

Dual Bachelor’s Degrees (Concurrent B.A. and B.S.)

At least 180 units must be taken at Stanford by students admitted as freshmen. At least 135 units must be taken at Stanford for transfer students. Curricular requirements for two majors (one leading to a B.A. degree and the other to a B.S. degree) must also be fulfilled.

Coterminal Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

The coterminal degree program allows undergraduates to pursue a master’s degree while completing their bachelor’s degree in the same or a different department. Undergraduates with strong academic records may apply for admission to a coterminal master’s program upon completion of 120 units, but no later than the quarter prior to the expected completion of the undergraduate degree.