Department Summer Research Programs

Many departments and research centers at Stanford hire undergraduates for full-time research work during the summer, any time from the summer before sophomore year to a coterm summer. You are usually acting as a research assistant rather than developing your own project idea. These are typically 10-week programs, expecting at least 40 hours per week, and paying a stipend of around $6000.

Finding a Program
Detailed information is usually on the website for the department or research center. Many of these programs are supported by VPUE and UAR, and you can browse the list of the programs receiving VPUE funding, although there may be other centers running similar programs that are not on the VPUE list.
Don’t just look at your major department! If you do, you’ll miss all the research centers. In addition, several department programs are open to non-majors and draw on a range of skills. Investigate broadly.
How to Apply?
Specific application requirements and deadlines will vary by department. Most deadlines are in winter quarter, so pay attention to your email lists! Your Academic Advising Director newsletter will advertise any opportunities forwarded to us. Otherwise, dig around on the department/center website, looking for topics such as "undergraduate", or "research", or "opportunities". STEM departments may use the acronym "REU."
For many programs, the department will publish a list of all the faculty who are seeking to hire students, and with one application, you can submit yourself for consideration for several projects. Other programs will ask you to find your own research mentor and approach them about hiring you. Be sure to consult specific department webpages for instructions.