Form 11: Student Check-In and Photo Submission

The Student Check-In on Axess

Axess is Stanford’s web-based student information system that allows you to take care of many administrative responsibilities associated with your undergraduate education, such as reviewing your financial aid information, checking the balance of your University bill, enrolling in classes, updating your personal and emergency contact information, viewing your grades, requesting an official transcript, tracking the completion of your University degree requirements, making adjustments to your enrollment, evaluating courses at the end of each quarter, and indicating what information in your record is releasable to the public. Your SUNet ID and password are required each time you use Axess.

For your personal information to remain secure, it is vital that you do not share your SUNet ID password with anyone else. You may not authorize anyone else to use Axess on your behalf. It is a violation of University policy to misrepresent yourself in any way. You may lose student privileges or be subject to disciplinary action if you use another student’s SUNet ID password or if you deliberately provide false information in Axess.

Federal law requires the University to collect and confirm certain information. Providing this information assists the University in receiving federal funding and also allows University staff to respond effectively in emergencies. To accomplish this, the Student Check-In process includes both required and optional information sections. This Student Check-In is available throughout the year for you to update. Incoming students must complete the Student Check-In for the first time as part of the Approaching Stanford Forms. Subsequently, you will be required to review your Student Check-In annually and confirm that the information you have entered is still accurate. You will find more information, including guidance on specific sections within the Student Check-In, at the Office of the University Registrar webpage.

How to Find the Student Check-In

For assistance on finding the Student Check-In on Axess, review these online instructions.

How to Submit Your Photo

Once you’ve received your SUNet ID and password, you will upload a photograph of yourself, following specific requirements and restrictions found on the photo submission page.

This photo will be used for the following purposes: your Stanford ID Card; by Residential Education, your Academic Advising Director and Pre-Major Advisor; and in the printed Stanford Lookbook, a publication of the photos, names, hometowns, and dorm assignments of entering freshmen and transfer students given to all new students at check-in. This form provides an opportunity to opt-out from having your picture included in the printed Stanford Lookbook and displayed by your residence staff in the dorm.

Once you upload your photo, it will also be used as the default photo for your Stanford InYourClass profile.  Once the default photo appears, you have the option to change it in your profile settings in Stanford InYourClass.

You are encouraged to upload your photo as early as possible, and may do so before submitting your completed forms. Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox when uploading your photo, as there are known issues with other browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari .

The photo upload process is through a system maintained by the ID Card Office.  If you have trouble uploading your photo, check to ensure that:

  • You are using a compatible browser such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Safari or Google Chrome;
  • You have selected a photo that meets the requirements: you are the only person in the photo; the background is solid white or light; you are facing forward with eyes open; no hats or sunglasses;
  • You have submitted your photo in an acceptable format: png, gif, jpg, or jpeg;
  • You have submitted a photo file that is 2MB or smaller;
  • You have correctly cropped your photo. It will not be accepted if the width is larger than the height.

If you have met the above requirements and are still experiencing trouble, please submit a HelpSU ticket to the Student Services Center at