Introductory Seminars

Freshman Introductory Seminars (IntroSems) offer you the opportunity to interact and learn with other first-year students in 100 enormously varied seminars. These small classes—about 15 students—are designed for freshmen and taught by faculty from every school at Stanford. Many seminars include field trips, visitors, lunches or dinners with faculty, and other activities that foster both individual learning and a strong sense of community.

Faculty teach IntroSems because they are energized by your curiosity, enthusiasm and openness. Students take them for many reasons— to learn how to do work at a university level; to learn about a field from a leader in that field; to explore a potential major or a subject related to their own experiences; to familiarize themselves with different approaches to learning and thinking; to acquire specific skills and methodologies; or to be in a class of diverse students who share their interests.

The seminars are available throughout the academic year and you can apply for up to three each quarter. In early August you will receive the Introductory Seminars Course Catalog, which contains course descriptions, faculty biographies, and application information. The deadline to apply for an Autumn Quarter IntroSem will be in early September before you arrive on campus.