Planning for the Homestretch

So, it’s Week 9 or 10 (or earlier), and things are looking pretty busy from now until the end of the quarter. A few general pieces of advice:

  1. Figure out when your final exams are. Make sure you know when and where you need to be for each exam. Consult your syllabi, your Exam Schedule in Axess, ExploreCourses, or the general final exam calendar.

  2. Sleep, eat, exercise. You’ve got a lot to do--you want to be in good health for it.

  3. Identify your priorities. Create a calendar that only shows your major deadlines and what’s due from here on out.

  4. Make a schedule. Even if you don’t usually use a daily calendar, planning out when you are going to work on projects can be very useful in times of extreme busyness, especially Week 10 and Finals Week.