Postgraduate Considerations

Students interested in pursuing postgraduate degrees should consult early and often with their Academic Advising Director, Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes, and/or UAR advisor. UAR advisors in Sweet Hall specialize in pre-professional advising: pre-business, pre-education, pre-health, pre-law, and pre-med. Most pre-professional programs do not require that students major in a particular field. As a result, students are encouraged to pursue majors that will enable them to develop their intellectual talents and interests fully while also sharpening relevant skills.

Note that students interested in the health professions must complete specific requirements that are set forth by the schools of medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, and dentistry. Although coursework in the natural sciences is required, students do not need to major in the sciences.  During NSO, the pre-professional advisors will offer a program providing information on the many paths students can follow to meet these pre-health requirements. Students interested in health-related careers should be also be aware that most medical schools will ask you to repeat AP/IB courses or take a more advanced course in the same field to replace AP/IB credit.

Most other graduate programs, such as Ph.D. programs, will expect students to major in a field related to their graduate work. In all instances, Academic Advising Directors, Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes, and/or UAR advisors can assist students in selecting a major, finding relevant academic opportunities such as field work and research, and preparing application materials for postgraduate programs.