September Opportunities

Occurring in the first three weeks of September, these programs offer an opportunity to work closely with faculty in a small group setting on area of intellectual inquiry, creative practice, or leadership development.

Sophomore College 

Rising sophomores participate in a deeply immersive learning experience that extends beyond the classroom with Stanford faculty and peers who share a passion for a focused area of study. Nicknamed SoCo, Sophomore College is an immersive learning experience. Class meetings are held every morning, and most afternoons include class activities, explorations of Stanford or field trips, with evenings often filled with movies and informal dorm events. Special events punctuate the three weeks, with an Opening Dinner and Closing Symposium, Faculty Panels, and September Studies Guest Events.

Arts Intensive

Arts Intensive courses engage students in the theory and practice of a particular artistic discipline in a rich collaborative community. Field trips, workshops, film screenings, studio sessions, and attending arts events are all part of the AI experience.  Faculty may schedule class time in the morning and labs, rehearsals or other tutorials in the afternoons, evenings, and on weekends. AI offers peer advising and artistic mentorship through program-wide workshops and events.

Leadership Intensive

Rising juniors are selected to participate in an immersive examination of their own leadership skills and a hands-on "laboratory" in which to practice and improve them. Working with faculty and staff from all across campus in a small, seminar setting, students will build and strengthen the skills and capacities essential to effective leadership. The program is entirely experiential and, as the name implies, intense. Program components include: working with a client as you learn to solve a complex problem using design thinking; assessing and improving your emotional intelligence capacities; and learning to assemble and lead highly effective teams. The program  takes place on campus for the first two weeks, then ventures out to other beautiful, but undisclosed, locations (all within driving distance of Stanford). 

Following the program, we can help you to construct your own customized pathway through Stanford via internships, capstones, and other courses and programs. Advising, activities and weekly seminars will be available throughout your junior and senior years, allowing your cohort to continue to learn from each other and build on the skills acquired during the program.

Bing Honors College 

Rising seniors actively engage in researching and planning their Honors thesis, with the support and guidance of faculty leaders, building a community of Honors scholars, and getting a focused start on their independent scholarship. BHC participants work individually and collectively on their theses with the support and guidance of faculty leaders and graduate student assistants. As a result, BHC students begin senior year in an atmosphere of shared intellectual purpose with a serious commitment to independent scholarship.