Use SURPS to Find a Major

The Symposium of Research and Public Service (SURPS or ASURPS) is a great place to go to learn more about particular majors. Right now, you are probably taking fundamental or introductory classes—SURPS will give you a sense of how you might build on those foundations down the road. Every major has its own way of asking questions, and SURPS will showcase the way your fellow students are starting to ask questions in their chosen disciplines.

More About SURPS

Students who are doing research, arts, service, and other types of capstone projects will be presenting their work in this poster session, so this is an excellent moment to talk to juniors and seniors about their experiences working with their faculty mentors on their projects. There are no formal presentations, so you can drop in anytime and browse the student posters, asking questions as you see a topic that catches your interest.

There are two symposiums each year: