Other Funding

In addition to UAR Student Grants and departmental research programs, students may find additional means to support their projects.
Are these resources a good fit for your project?
Students with projects pertaining to the study of Islam and Muslim societies may apply to the Abbasi Program Student Grants. Consult the program guidelines for eligible project types.
Students interested in researching oral traditions or in creating an oral history of a group or institution may apply for funding from the Stanford Storytelling Project.
Students interested in research and internships related to international policy and international affairs can find a variety of funding opportunities within the FSI Global Student Fellows program.
Students interested in public service, or in connecting public service and research may apply for fellowships through the Haas Center.
This is designed to be a dynamic listing of undergraduate research opportunities. This page provides a clearinghouse for different research opportunities in the Stanford community, including those sponsored by departments and campus institutes.
Individual students or groups of students may apply for funding for extra-curricular arts projects.
Eligible students may arrange to work on faculty research projects for hourly pay. For more information visit the Financial Aid website.