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Arts Intensive: Staff Opportunities

"The community of students and our relationship with the instructor was the best part of the program." - Arts Intensive Program Assistant (AIPA)

AIPA Selection

  • Faculty select among applicants for AIPA positions. 
  • If selected to more than one course or position, students may choose which course to accept.
  • Review the Important Dates to learn when you will be notified and when you must accept or decline the role.


Application Dates: February 9, 2016 - February 29, 2016

Steps to Apply

  1. Review the Job Description to learn about the exciting opportunity.
  2. Determine if you are eligible.
  3. Read the Commitment Form to learn what will be required.
  4. Decide which course(s) to apply to.  You may apply up to two but may only serve as AIPA for one.
  5. All seminars require you respond to the questions below.  Some courses may also include additional questions.
  6. Send your unofficial transcript to faculty of courses you applied to no later than the application deadline.

Application Questions

  • Academic Experience: Describe any experience you have had which would prepare you to serve as a Teaching/Course Assistant for this Arts Intensive class. Include your background in the course topic and any teaching experience.
  • Other Experience: Describe any experiences which would prepare you to serve as a residence staff member and academic adviser during Arts Intensive.
  • Statement of Purpose: Why do you want to serve in this Arts Intensive Staff position?


Mark Your Calendars

Student Staff Application Status Available: Friday, March 18, NOON

Student Staff Commitment Deadline: Tuesday, March 29, NOON

Arts Intensive Program Assistant Orientation: TBD