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The Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) offers the opportunity to study abroad while remaining enrolled at Stanford and is considered an integral part of the Stanford curriculum. Learn more about how and where Bing Overseas Study Program can take you.
Immerse yourself in Australian culture while studying the enormous diversity of coral reefs and rainforests in Stanford’s program in Australian Coastal Studies. Ideal for students interested in environmental and ecological science and policy.
Surrounded by the rich culture of this paradoxically ancient and modern city, students will engage in coursework and work with faculty on the prestigious Peking University (PKU) campus, located just outside the heart of China’s bustling capital. They will get the opportunity to interact with PKU students in a variety of activities on campus including athletic and musical groups, Chinese art and calligraphy, tai chi and woo shoo.
The Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona, a collaborative initiative involving night high caliber U.S. Universities (Brown, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Northwestern, Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford) provides students with a unique opportunity to have direct access to four distinguished Spanish universities the “Barcelona Group”.
Develop an in-depth perspective into the historical and contemporary dynamics of this ever-changing city. You can opt to participate in a full-time, paid Krupp Internship, providing a rich international experience that will contribute to future career goals, language development, and an enhanced understanding of the world.
Engage in service-learning, community-based research and academic courses focused on the people, history, politics and culture of post-apartheid South Africa while exploring initiatives undertaken and challenges faced by an emerging democracy.
Become an academic traveler (not a superficial tourist), master first-hand the Renaissance culture central to the historical and artistic development of the Western world, and become fully immersed in the issues facing Europe and the Mediterranean today.
Starting January 2013, you will be able to read manga, watch anime and earn credits while studying at a new, winter quarter at the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) in Kyoto.
Established in 1989, the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies, is a rigorous, one or two-semester academic program primarily for undergraduates wishing to do advanced work in the Japanese language and in Japanese studies.
The unique focus of the Madrid program combines linguistic rigor(Spanish-only pledge), cultural authenticity, academic discipline, and personal attention. The program introduces students to the richness and diversity of the Iberian Peninsula through first-hand theoretical and practical experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.
An integral part of the Oxford program is the tutorial system which is the characteristic form of undergraduate instruction at Oxford University. Stanford students have often described the experience as the "single most challenging, yet rewarding academic experience that they have had while an undergraduate at Stanford."
Paris in an international hub of cultural and intellectual life that has fascinated writers, poets, and painters for centuries. Students encounter French culture through field trips, classes, and other activities that make use of the rich cultural and academic resources of Paris and the surrounding area.
Beginning 2013-14 the Santiago program will now be available during Autumn, Spring and Summer quarters, this means that Santaiago will be BOSP's first Summer quarter-length program.
For undergraduates with limited time to spend off campus, the seminars present an opportunity to participate in a Stanford overseas experience without having to commit to a full quarter abroad.
The Bing Overseas Studies Program recognizes the value of study abroad in a variety of forms beyond the established full-quarter programs, consortia and overseas seminars. This section highlights new programs, special collaborations, and unique opportunities.