Meet the Australia Faculty

Local Faculty

Professor Kevin Arrigo

“As a biological oceanographer, my principal interest has been in the role marine microalgae play in biogeochemical cycling, with particular emphasis on the scales of temporal and spatial variability of microalgal biomass and productivity."

Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts

A marine biologist by trade, Ian is the founding Director of the International Programs Unit at the University of Queensland and is the Director of the Stanford Australia Program. He has considerable experience in program development and enjoys engaging with students in field research activities and following the development of their careers.

Dr. Selina Ward

Selina is a coral reef biologist who specialises stress responses of corals. She coordinates the Stanford in Australia Program and the Marine Conservation course for postgraduate students. She relishes the opportunities presented by teaching at our great field stations, particularly Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Professor Cath Lovelock

Cath’s research is focused on the ecology and ecophysiology of coastal plant communities. She is particularly interested in the influence of environment, including global climate change on plant community productivity and diversity. Some of her current research projects include assessment of how sea level and nutrient enrichment influences mangrove and salt marsh ecosystems, how mangroves mediate exchanges between the land and sea and how metabolism of coral reefs varies over latitude.