What I Did in Florence

Current Florence Student Ambassadors

Sage Behr (Comparative Literature) - Winter 2014-15

The experiences that ended up being most significant came from exploring the people and spaces that invest in Florence as a community: the It’s Yoga! studio (on Via dei Bardi, where the Stanford Center is located) and Orti di Pinti community garden on Borgo Pinti, and the amazing art students at NEMO Academy of Digital Arts.

Kristin Chesnutt (Human Biology)

past florence Student Ambassadors

Angela Sy (Computer Science) - Spring 2013-14

Being a Computer Science student, I felt like I never had time at Stanford to pursue classes outside of the Engineering department. At Florence, I was finally able to take classes like film and urban architecture that I had always been interested in (and also conveniently fulfilled general requirements) but had never had the opportunity to take on campus. Having a balance of classes is really important for any Stanford student but I had always felt pressured to take as many science and engineering classes as I could at Stanford.

Christine Wong (Biology) - Winter 2013-14

I had an amazing experience with my host family. My host mom is a force; she took care of my three host siblings and I with a lot of love and humor. I looked forward to going home and spending time with my host family in the evenings and on weekends. I watched a lot of soccer games and movies with my little host brother and host sister.