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The Bing Overseas Studies Program recognizes the value of study abroad in a variety of forms beyond the established full-quarter programs, consortia and overseas seminars. This section highlights new programs, special collaborations, and unique opportunities.
Program Listing
An interdisciplinary seminar in which two major areas of study will be emphasized: biological sciences (ecology) and culture (the human dimensions of conservation and use of natural resources based on indigenous traditional knowledge).
This unique community engaged learning program will provide students with a deep understanding of the social, economic, and cultural factors impacting the health of Mexicans and Mexican im/migrants to the United States.
This community engaged learning program will address pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges facing people living in Sri Lanka, together with a community partner that has experience at multiple levels in the country.
Non-Stanford study abroad opportunities refer to all short-term or year-long academic programs offered overseas by other U.S. higher education institutions, third-party providers or through direct enrollment in overseas institutions.