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Overseas Seminar offerings change every year to provide a wide range of themes and locations. Find out more about each seminar course content, faculty member, and location!

Seminar Locations, Summer 2016

The specific seminar dates, locations, facilities and activities are subject to change depending on available resources and other operational considerations that may arise for a successful implementation of the seminar.

Australia: Multicultural Australia

France: The Other France: Troubadours and the Politics of Cultural Heritage

Israel: Israeli Democracy Under Stress

Italy (Florence): Faith, Science and the Classical Tradition in Renaissance Florence

Italy (Pozzuoli): The Roman Harbor of Puteoli: Crucible of Volcanism, Concrete Manufacturing, and Trading Across the Mediterranean

Madagascar: Island Biogeography and Culture of Madagascar

The Netherlands: The Amsterdam Trans-Idiomatic Arts Practicum

Patagonia: "Uttermost Part of the Earth" - The Intersection of Nature and the Human Enterprise in Patagonia

South Africa: Conserving the Last Wild Places: Conservation Photography and Print Journalism

Spain (Catalonia): Global Migration and Health in Barcelona

United Kingdom (Scotland): Building Trust in Autonomy: Research Experiences in Edinburgh

All participants are required to arrive to the seminar location on the scheduled arrival date/time and cannot depart earlier than the departure date/time. Late arrival and/or early departure is not permitted under any circumstance.